Explore the Chiropractic Services we have to offer. 

Class 4 Laser Therapy

Dr. True has provided back and neck pain relief for his patients in the Treasure Coast area using laser therapy in conjunction with chiropractic care. Whether you are in agonizing pain or are just beginning to notice symptoms, schedule with Dr. True’s office today and see what laser therapy can do for you.  Class 4 laser therapy is different from “cold laser” therapy.  Higher power lasers generate a greater intensity of light than cold lasers.  These type of therapy lasers generate soothing, gentle warmth that accelerates tissue healing and treats deep musculoskeletal pain.

Treatment for Auto Accidents

We understand that you may have had injuries in the past that have healed on their own in only a few days.  When it comes to auto injuries, such as whiplash or herniated discs, recovery could take months.  Don’t ignore your injury; symptoms may intensify and become permanent without early intervention. Schedule an appointment with Dr. True and we will help reduce your pain and speed your recovery time.  Please be aware that Florida automobile PIP insurance requires that you be evaluated by a healthcare professional within 14 days of an automobile accident or you lose your ability to file a claim for injuries resulting from the accident.

Spinal Manipulation

Spinal manipulation is also called a chiropractic adjustment.  This treatment is performed by highly trained chiropractic physicians.  The spine is comprised of moveable segments called vertebra.  When there is a slight misalignment of the articular joint surfaces of the spine, it produces pain and dysfunction.  This pain and dysfunction can be corrected with a specific vertebral manipulation or adjustment. 

Treatment for Sports Injuries

The majority of professional sports teams have chiropractic physicians on call for their superstar athletes.  Even though you may not be a professional athlete, you still may have the need for a professional chiropractor.  Dr. Jerry True treats athletes and weekend warriors in the Treasure Coast area.  Sports injuries are certainly counterproductive when you’re sidelined from pain. Dr. True understands your eagerness to get back in the game, but when it comes to a sports injury, getting back in the game too early can lead to larger problems in the future. Dr. True has helped a number of athletes throughout Florida recover in a timely manner with laser therapy and chiropractic care.  Whether your injuries are from pulled muscles, torn ligaments, or a disc herniation, we are highly successful with the treatment of most musculoskeletal injuries.

Nutritional Consultation

The average American diet is frequently calorie rich and nutritionally poor. This should not be a surprise if you eat fast food or overly processed foods. Dr. True can review your dietary habits, current supplements and lifestyle to make suggestions that will improve your health. There are many nutrients that may be missing from your diet as a result of underlying digestive issues or less than adequate food choices. Refining your diet and making the right nutritional recommendations will promote long-term health and optimum wellness. If you suffer from digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome or unknown food allergies you may have increased needs for certain nutrients. Lab work and diagnostic studies may be necessary for diagnosis, treatment recommendations and planning. 

Second Opinions

Second opinions are important for patients, referring doctors and third parties such as insurance companies and attorneys. A second opinion consultation may confirm a diagnosis or treatment plan as well as provide additional information for prognosis and treatment alternatives. Dr. True has a great reputation for problem solving and diagnostic investigation. He has provided opinions on more than a thousand complex cases referred to him over 25 years as a chiropractic neurologist. If you are seeking a second opinion, please have your medical records and diagnostic imaging studies available at the time of consultation.  Feel free to contact our office with any questions.